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04-11-2006, 04:00 PM
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Actually, maybe Lombardi will stay with the Flyers. Maybe Clarke will move to another position within the organization and promote Dean to the GM position. It might upset Holmgren, but Holmgren's a tool anyways. He's been nothing more than a ride along on Clarke's coat tails.

I could see Dean really streamlining the team and continuing to make shrewd deals while keeping an emphasis on drafting and development. When you look at San Jose, they're success has basically been because of him. When he got canned in San Jose, it wasn't his fault. He did what the owners asked and they still fired him and Sutter for it anyways.

The only thing I would miss would be Clarke's wonderful barbs and diatribes. If there's one thing that I really enjoy, it's Bobby Clarke comments. He's quite possibly the funniest GM in the sport. Yeah, he might not always be politically correct, but it's fun to listen to him. And he's kind of a breath of fresh air in a day where everyone is so cautious with their comments. It's too bad that there aren't any Bobby Clarke sound boards out there.

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