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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I'm a pretty mediocre skater. Balance is fine, edges are decent, I'm quick enough when I need to be but it's by no means effortless.

The last couple weeks, I've been reading and thinking about the hips, being more conscious of their position and hinging in all aspects of life (literally, like walking, sitting, jumping).

During last night's game, I thought about the hips in hockey and how mine are kind of right underneath me. I took some shifts where I consciously brought my hips back behind me, and I got a lot lower to the ground, although it was kind of awkward. Felt less control, but then again, I've been skating one way for my whole life.

Is "proper technique" skating with the hips back, or the hips under? I need to go home and review my Stamm book but thought I'd ask here. Seems like they should be back.

It depends on the speed you're skating at.

The hip back position makes you more aerodynamic, I'm usually in that position when I'm going down the ice at full speed.

When I'm trying to maneuver around people or doing things that require more agility than straight line speed, I'm in the hip under position. If you're leaning forward without enough momentum, it can throw your balance off.

But when you're blasting down the rink at full speed, leaning forward makes you smaller and thus creates less drag.

That's my theory at least.

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