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06-26-2012, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Brave Sir Robin View Post
Great way to put it! Not only are they a team of Brooks Laichs, they are a team of Brooks Laich's on big ice.

Ronaldniho = Ovechkin. Absolutely dominant player for several seasons, before getting fat, lazy, and inevitable declining.
Nothing to do with football for a sec, but I really resent that remark about "Ovechkin getting fat and lazy". You'd get fat and lazy too if you had to play the ridiculously long, marathon like NHL seasons year after year after year after year. It has the effect of draining all the life out of the stars. Ovechkin is a once in a generational talent, but I think that he just getting burnt out by the greedy NHL and its moronically long seasons that destroys players, degrades the quality of play, and leaves the fans bored for 90% of the schedule.
I seriously hope Ovechkin suffers a moderate injury at some point so he can REST ( which is what he desperately needs) and come back as his old self.

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