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06-26-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by LundqvistFTW View Post
I'm a reasonable guy, if I'm a player and I'm a 4th liner who scores 20 points a year who is a fan favorite, I would know I wouldn't be worth more than what Sather is offering, but that's me, I'm sure Prust has different ideas. Sure I would want a lot of money to support a family but making about 5 million over 3 years is more then enough to support a family and himself. If Prust really wanted to play in NY he would accept the deal, which some even say the 1.8 deal is still overpaying. Dude needs to wake up and realize he is just a 4th line player.
This is a business. He may love NY but I'm sure he'll love somewhere else just as much, if not better. The truth of the matter is, these guys (especially the 3rd & 4th liners) have short windows to make as much money as possible. For all Prust knows, this is his last NHL contract. For all any of these players know, they go out tomorrow AM and have a freak accident that ends their hockey career. What then? A few hundred thousand may not seem like a lot of money when you're talking about millions of dollars but it's still a **** load of money.

$100k - $200k per year (which is what people are saying he should easily walk away from), is probably a hell of a lot more than he'll be making in any post-hockey career. For the most part these guys are finished playing hockey in their early 30s (yes some go longer, but the avg. career is long done by then).

As a fan, yes, we all want our players to take pay cuts due to loyalty. But, for the most part this is not the way the world works -- the NHL and hockey players are no different.

The only time he needs to wake up and realize "he's just a fourth line player" is if no one else in the NHL is willing to ante up the cash. Heck, if someone else comes along and offers him $2.2M (which I think they'd be insane to do) he's not just a 4th line player, now he's a 4th line player making $2.2M

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