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11-29-2003, 09:42 AM
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Anybody CAN play LW, but that doesn't mean they are comfortable at that position.
Given his sorry production this season, last season, the season before, and the season before, can we safely assume that Jan Hlavac is not comfortable there?

Lundmark always prefered RW or Center.
And Moore prefers center, but that hasn't stopped you from playing him out of position in your little fantasy line. At least be consistent in your arguments.

No, I didn't see a beautiful pass, but he threw the puck towards the net and it worked.
Excellent. So we can agree that Hlavac succeeded in doing what Dale Purinton could have done ... or Jamie Lundmark for that matter.

Why is it you try to make Hlavac be the weakest link and Lundmark be the Savior?
I've never described Lundmark as a savior. In fact if you'd troubled yourself to actually read my post above you'd have found that I wrote it's unclear what Lundmark will become.

Fortunately for me I don't need to make Hlavac out to be the weakest link. His production makes the case for me. Please see his numbers above, and when you're ready to admit it's no longer 2001, come back and talk to me about Jan Hlavac.

Frankly it amazes me that someone who constantly cries for a youth movement continues to support this 27 year old who's offered the NHL exactly two good seasons. The rest have been utter disasters. How many miserable years, pasha, do we need to witness before we simply concede that those two seasons were an aberration and that Jan Hlavac just isn't a very good player?

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