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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
If anything they are pretty good at catching obvious mistakes that look decent at the time. Largely due to the obvious flaws that standard stats like goals, points and plus minus have for evaluating players.

However, I think the biggest opportunity for improvement is if media types knew more about them to prevent some of the many obviously wrong and false things they come up with. But that might be wishful thinking.
it's not in their interest to do so...

media pundits aren't first and foremost concerned with accuracy, they need to tell a story. more important to tell a convincing emotional story, than to be accurate.

That's why Cherry is who he is.

there was a great clip the other day from ESPN where Mark Cuban basically made Skip Bayless look like a fool... and yet it didn't bother Skip one bit (nor get him to concede an inch).

Pro sports is an entertainment business first and foremost to pretty much anyone not tied directly to the day-to-day business of playing/competing (including training staff).

likewise, the average fan is more swayed by the emotional/entertaining angle, than he/she is by the more accurate one (and really, even the most advanced statistical breakdowns leave subjective gaps that can be interpreted different ways... though at least opinions formed from that basis of knowledge are generally more accurate than the "he's soft because he's a euro" or "they won because they wanted it more" basis.

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