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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Cool thoughts.

That makes sense. If the leg at full extension is in line with the hips, having them back with a torso lean would make for a longer stride, right?

I think it's a pretty exciting concept for me. Really want to work on this.
stride extension can have a decreasing point of return. Skating for hockey is about explosive, interval type efforts. Long extension may help for smooth endurance efforts, like long distance speed skating.
Hockey is about explosive power and stride rate is a big component.
the 2 pics. Victor is a shorter faster stride rate - very explosive.
Incredibly quick rate...
The Stamm skater is slower rate longer stride, not so explosive.
For my money his forward leg is too far forward, which reduces his stride rate.
Most of us can be in between the 2...
Power and rate trump long strides in hockey
I vote for reaching for Victor.

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