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Originally Posted by The Saw Is the Law View Post
I don't buy that NS was the problem. There were/are much bigger issues. Focusing on wrong kind of things.

It's easy to slap Nuori Suomi just because it started about the same time than Finland stopped developing elite players.
Agreed, it's not so simple that NS is to blame for everything. Sure, there are some very unoptimal sides to Nuori Suomi, but the biggest problem has been coaching ideologies and concentrating too much on team play and "pelikirja" at a young age. Basically shaping young players as grinders and not letting young skilled players to play their skill game.

NS-ideology isn't bad in the sense that it lets the kids play, and there are different level teams and leagues fit for everyone. Good players are developed by making them enjoy playing the game, not by killing their love for the game. Still, the most talented kids need to be given as much playing time as possible, and at least now this is what's happening, I'm not sure how it has been 5-8 years ago.

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