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06-26-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
It is a meaningless argument when it comes to this draft. The number of D-men already picked in years past assures a tougher road to the NHL team for a D-prospect than any capable forward would have. It is obvious. We have what..... two wingers signed beyond next season?
How do you know that, exactly?

We have no clue what the depth of this team will look like in three years.

What is the difference between picking a forward or a D-man who won't make a difference for 3 years, at best? Pouliot and Maatta certainly won't either, and Forsberg for instance is already playing against men.
The difference is people want to draft for a current weakness, that I am 100% sure will be fixed because Staal has been moved.

Again, big picture here.

This has nothing to do with disliking Pouliot the player. I am not against picking D-men at all.
This is simply about being in position to have a free range of very good prospects and lots of people disagreeing that Shero got the BPA.
Beyond that, of course many people had their hopes up for a potential impact forward seeing that such a player would have a much easier way into the team. Particularly when many professionals felt that when we drafted the BPA's were actually forwards.

Whoever is right we will see down the line, but you telling people that they should trust these decisions unconditionally is no different than others telling you that Tangradi isn't playing because he isn't good enough. There's room for grey between the black and white.
When have I ever said I trust what this org does unconditionally? That is classic...

How many times have I criticized this org inability to draft and develop top six fwds? I am simply pointing out that Shero now as an unreal blueline pool to build his big club. If people can't see the rare value in that, they need to open up their minds and put down the draft guides for a minute.

The irony is, I also watched them pass up a few fwds I really wanted, but that doesn't mean I am going to whine about it, especially when Shero ends up doing exactly as I predicted he would. Me whining would be kind of hypocritical, given that I flat out stated I felt his best course of action was to continue adding to his deep blueline farm.

If someone like IHWR criticizes the pick, I respect him being disappointed. However, when people flat out say they never saw any of these players and all they did was read a draft guide... Then they ***** about the pick, that is foolish. Sorry.

I've already read a few people who said in no uncertain terms PF will be better than DP. Based on what? A draft guide? Please...

If people can't understand the value of what Shero just did here, cool. But I'm not going to agree with people who can't see the big picture.

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