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04-11-2006, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by trippyime
What was the point? Revenge? Getting out a little steam? What's the point of any cheapshot that gets thrown on the ice? You're suggesting that Bolland is suddenly superior to the rest of the league in that he doesn't need to throw cheapshots. Every player gets pissed, every player throws cheapshots here and there. I've already said that Bolland is a great player and for the most part a very clean one. But it happens to everyone.

I certainly won't hold it against him in the future. But the fact remains he kicked him, the league agrees, time to deal with it.

Your argument about the Angelidis crosscheck is a just one, though. I've always thought that the act that brought retaliation should be taken into account. It doesn't make it right for Bolland to kick him or for anyone to retaliate in any fashion, but at least consider what made the player do such a thing.
Superior? No, not at all. But look at what happened. It was a "nothing" contact. Did it really look like somebody venting or blowing off steam to you? How about the more likely scenario he is trying to get away from the linesman?

I have never said that retaliation is the answer or an excuse. What I am saying is that it is clear what the Owen Sound strategy is. You stir things up often enough and get away with it, you never know what will happen. Each get two and London loses a top player? An extra two? A third man in? An injury? A major? A game misconduct? A match misconduct? It's the hackers strategy to gain an edge. Let's not pretend it isn't being done.

This from Mark Hunter:

"Angelidis went after Bolland and that is what started the whole scrum. It's concerning to us that Owen Sound is going after our best players. On that play, Theo Peckham (Attack tough guy, LFP)was paired up with Rob Schremp. Was that planned?"

This quote from Angelidis:
"I watched the tape about five times. It was a clear kick and I think four games is about right. I didn't expect it at all, but there's no way the linesman caused him to do it. He knew what he was doing and he caught me with a laser kick right in the crotch. But I'm alright. It's fine."

This statement was released by Dave Bolland today:

Bolland issues statement regarding suspension
London, ON: David Bolland has the following statement regarding his thoughts on the suspension.

At this time I would like to issue the following statement on my suspension.

" I am shocked and embarassed by the suspension and think that it is unfortunate and ridiculous that because an over zealous linesman chose to manhandle me and throw me around during a scrum that I am now unable to play in my teamís next 4 games. Because this linesman chose to grab a hold of me and swing me around and manhandle me I am now unable to help my team and teammates with the London Knights as we play in the OHL Playoffs. I have played for the London Knights and Team Canada over the past 4 years and during that time I have played the game with intregrity, skill and character. I think it is totally ridiculous that I have been suspended for a situation that would have been completely avoided had the linesman that night chosen to not manhandle me. " I never kicked Mike Angelidis in the groin area. This is totally false. I have a very sour feeling about the situation. "


David Bolland

David has asked not to make any further comments on the situation.

Jim McKellar
Assistant General Manager
London Knights Hockey Club
Everything that Bolland has said fits with what is on the tape. He knows his own intents and he knows what effect the linesman had in the incident. You watch the event in real time, the linesman is turning him around quickly. Again, why isn't the linesman grabbing Angelidis who initiated matters with a cross check?

Meanwhile, you have "Laser" Angelidis who had to watch replays (5 times no less) to form an opinion about this kick at the speed of light to his groin area. A "laser kick" so severe in intensity that his first act was to gesture to officials to beg for a penalty, which one official bought into. Glad to hear he is "fine'. Perhaps he figured that out on the replays too.

I will believe Bolland before "Laser" Angelidis any day of the week. Or are there any fans out there who actually saw a "laser kick to the crotch"? I'd like to say Angelidis is just embellishing things, but simply put he being untruthful.

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