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04-11-2006, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Charlie_Girl

Had Bolland's skate hit Angelidis in the shin area, I would agree that it was 100% the result of being spun around.

The penalty for a high stick that draws blood is 4 minutes, with no regard to the point in the game in the infraction occurred - what would you have had them call?
The point is not that it could be called differently than 4 minutes. The point is that the structure of things makes no sense.

You are going to call it a kick and I think it can be called accidental contact. I think deliberate kicking is serious. I just do not agree that it was a deliberate act. Meanwhile, guys are deliberately getting the sticks into the faces of players and nobody says anything. The guy has to be carried off on a stretcher before a match penalty gets called.

Valabik deliberately cross checked Foreman in the face. Foreman was on his knees playing the puck. Nothing was called. Even though the action by Valabik was many times more violent with much more potential for injury than Laser Angelidis could ever imagine. Valabik even got off scot free.

Be honest. There are so many stick fouls without any degree of urgency by the league or officials to seriously deal with it. These stick fouls are deliberate and common. Injuries are very common. Deliberate skate fouls are quite rare. Injuries even more rare.

Are you really suggesting Bolland was trying to kick Angelidis? If so it was not much of an effort. Are you really saying he was trying to injure Angelidis? If that was the case he would have been banned for life.

When Ouzas was suspended he was trying to kick a guy but missed. THAT was deliberate. And he certainly wasn't being spun around by a league official.

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