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04-11-2006, 06:48 PM
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Oh really?

But who kicks their leg up like that when you're trying to get away from a linesmen! I've never seen that in my years of watching and playing hockey. It was a completely unnatural movement, no one can convince me otherwise.
When guys are fighting and spinning the other guy around, arms and legs and skates are flying all over the place. You think pivoting on one foot in hockey is unusual?

So now Owen Sound isn't allowed to play rough? Their strategy is exactly right for the situation they're in, and so far it's paying off. You just sound bitter that it's working.
Hey, you want to get your biggest guys to go out there and check them into oblivion, go for it. I like seeing hitting. Maybe if the officiating permitted it we'd see more of it from both teams. I'm in favour of that. Playing tough hockey is fine. But if you think sending guys out to stick foul after the whistle is hockey, you have a different concept of seeing good hockey.

BTW: Like I mentioned before, Mark Hunter got a year for sending a guy out to fight with Passmore, and Guelph fans were okay with that suspension. Meanwhile Barr gets 15 games for sending a guy out to break Perry's wrist (Fergie would be proud). Now Owen Sound has done the same thing and profitted from it without any repercussions. Of course that would all make sense to you because it works?

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