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11-29-2003, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
With all due respect, my friend, I wouldn't do this deal on talent alone. I'd rather have Peca than Satan, despite Peca's lack of scoring. And, I'd far rather have Parrish and Timander than Talinder.

We could debate the value of this package further but it would be pointless. As I'm sure you not full well, Satan with his RELATIVELY weak production of the last two years, and his fat contract, has little trade value. I'd go so far as to suggest, in fact, that the Isles would pass on Satan if he was on waivers. They simply couldn't absorb another contract of that size, even though I still think he can be a 30 goal scorer again and I think he is underrated defensively.

Its more than just $ here. For a number of reasons, it is easier to deal with three players who make a combined 5 million than one player who makes that much.

If they do deal Peca it won't be with an eye toward saving 2.5 million. They'll want to unload the 4.25 on Peca's contract, and they'll take prospects and picks in return - not a more expensive player.

BTW, that deal also fails to save the Isles much money. Satan has a 2 year deal at 5 million and Timander and Parrish both have deals that expire this summer. This deal could actually add considerable payroll next year, if the lockout doesn't go too long.
Simply on talent, Satan is better than Peca... if a team can withstand Satan's maddening scoring slumps... followed by red-hot streaks that vindicate his worth. Now, I'd rather have Peca too. Satan is bringing me grey hair too soon!

I didn't consider the salary figures out as far as you did. I tunnel-visioned in on this season, so your point on Satan's salary is well taken and I agree.

Personally, I believe that only Parrish is going to get traded, unless a sweetheart of a deal for Peca comes along.

Just brainstorming...