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Originally Posted by rayau View Post
I seem to have a bit of a problem. During games, I tend to look for a person to pass to who's either ahead of me or is on the fly (skating up the ice quickly). This is beginning to bug me since its not like I can't skate with the puck myself. And when I do skate with the puck, I feel a bit selfish since I can move the puck up the ice faster with a pass.

Do you think this is just a mental barrier? Has anyone else felt similar? If so, what did you do to overcome it?


I can think of two things.
A few years ago I broke my collar bone (Well, the guy buttending me to avoid a check did). I missed a month and when I came back my shot was awful. I should've worked the muscles but didn't.
For the rest of that season I almost refused to shoot.
Then most of the season after. One of my ex teammates was Reffing my game and he asked me 'why aren't you shooting? You could snipe it on this goalie easy'. ironically, I said 'this is why' and then next shift I put one right inside the post. Just like that, my shot was back.

I believed I lost it, got an injection of confidence. Everything worked out from that.
Do you practice? If so, work on moving up ice with the puck. Refuse to pass until you hit their blueline unless you can giftwrap a goal.

Other theory is you're playing with guys who you think are better than you. If so, why are they better neutral zone players? Think the game out slowly in retrospect. Notice what they do, try and implement it into your own game. If it doesn't work immediately, work on it.

It sounds like you need confidence. Having the skill sounds like it isn't the issue. You just need to believe you can do it. You can will things to happen with sheer effort out there. Thats half of Mike Richards' game.

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