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04-11-2006, 07:39 PM
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Come on

Originally Posted by trippyime
Come on! You don't kick your leg up like that! I've never seen it and I've never done it. If that's how he pivots, he's in the wrong ice sport.
Watch one of those whirling dervish fights and tell me that their feet are always straight up and down.

You have said so many things that make no sense it is hard to keep up with all of them.

Don't give me that "I don't care who wins routine" Laser Trippy. It doesn't play out at all. You will accuse me of bias while you put your own spin on things so let's not pretend here. You are not any less biased than I am in the matter. Like a Guelph fan doesn't care who wins this series? Who do you think you are kidding?

You already said:"It was a kick, but not a hard one with any potential to injure." So obviously you know that there was no force in the action. So if it was a deliberate kick, why do it that way? It makes no sense. It served no purpose in any context. And guess what? The league has to know that it was not deliberate too. Because if they thought it was he would be done period!

The kid has zero history of anything like this. He didn't have to release a statement at all, but he did. I see no reason to not give him the benefit of the doubt when it was such a non-event. Of course you being so unbiased can't see it that way at all. Better to believe the "just making a joke laser Angelidis" who formulated an opinion from replays??? Think about that in the context of judging the event strictly by the limited video tape. Perhaps he realizes that it looks worse than what he actually experienced?

As for the league? What are they going to do? Admit that a league official played a part in the incident? Admit that the officials had no control of the game, when it was clear they were doing a poor job of it both ways? It took them until after 3 pm Monday to figure out what to say. That spoke volumes to me.

The kid should be held responsible for maintaining control of his equipment, i.e stick, skates, etc. But when it is obvious he is being spun around, by an official no less, that responsibilty has to be reduced a bit. 2 (and a half) games would be fair and recognize all the factors involved. An automatic 4 playoff games is not on par with what happened in the regular season. That is obvious to anyone who at least tries to be fair about this. Otherwise, I think Ouzas should have gotten 8 games because it is clear that he was trying to kick a player without any external factors. Instead he missed four regular season games. Big whoop.

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