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06-26-2012, 07:03 PM
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If you take the ratio of int'l performance over domestic league economic power, England sucks at soccer, what is there to talk about

Here's what I find more interesting -- I hear more and more people complain about Barca/Spain's "boring" soccer, even calling it "anti-futbol".

These are teams displaying some of the most exquisite ball-control, passing, attacking movements in the history of the damn game, and it's called "boring"? How is it their fault that 99% of the time they make top teams look like soccer midgets? They are like a boxer that peppers his opponents with punches like Pacman, evades like Mayweather, and then knocks most of them out like, I dunno, Sugar Ray. And people are starting to call it boring because the other guys can't land a punch even though they are the ones being chased around the rink!

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