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06-26-2012, 09:15 PM
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Ok HF Sharks baseball fans, I come with a proposition from HF's Blue Jays fans:

All-star voting right now is a joke. Yes, we know the game itself is an equally big joke, but that's beside the point. Rangers fans are stuffing the ballot box, so Nelson Cruz is catching up to Jose Bautista for the 3rd OF spot on the AL team. Also, Edwin Encarnacion is outside of the top 5 in DH voting even though he's having a stellar year.

So here's the deal -

The HF Jays fans are willing to vote for whatever A's and Giants players you want to try to send to the all-star game in exchange for you guys voting for Bautista, Encarnacion, and Colby Rasmus (we know that both OFs won't crack the top voting #s, but it's kind of a symbolic vote for Rasmus who is absolutely on fire over the last month and a half)

Let us know who to vote for and we will.

and if anyone asks "Why should we vote for Blue Jays players", remember: I do a lot around here. You all owe me. The draft review thread I'm putting up tonight should be work enough to get some ASG votes. Plus I can totally ban the lot of you from this board.


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