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06-26-2012, 10:08 PM
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Wow!! I can't believe some of the attitudes about Prust. Maybe just my opinion, but I'd take him over Rupp any day. In fact, I believe Rupp was brought in to partially keep Prust from having to take on all the heavyweights, which he gladly did any way for his team mates. And Prust brings so much more to the table than Rupp. Rupp's contract equates to $1.5MM per. And he was given that contract before he did squat for the Rangers. Prust has given two solid years of work to the Rangers and was paid a total of $1.6MM or $800M per. Assuming he's at least the equivalent of Rupp, another fourth liner, then what's wrong with Brandon thinking he deserves $1.5MM for the two years he already proved himself plus $1.5M for each of the next three years or a total or $7.5MM for his 5 years. That would mean he should earn $5.9 MM or almost $2MM for each of the next 3 years. Bump it by $200M per for negotiating as pointed out by a number of posters and his demands don't seem so outrageous.

I can understand people not wanting to pay, but how any true Ranger fan can have a cold attitude towards a guy who gave 100% every shift befuddles me. Seems to me a number of posters on this board just don't appreciate what they have and are prone to coveting other solutions just for the sake of change.

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