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06-26-2012, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by m9 View Post
As for the main event.. I just re-watched Silva/Sonnen and Silva just looked so, so out of it. He looked like a completely different fighter. He was getting tagged standing up, he slipped a couple times, and he was absolutely useless from the ground until the fifth round.
Maybe because Chael was taking him down at will and even dropped him a couple of times? Chael may not be a generational fighter but I think he showed in their first fight that maybe he could just be Anderson's kryptonite?

A lot of Anderson's success is built around him waiting for his opponent to make the first mistake and then using his great reflexes and pouncing on them. Chael didn't fight him that way, didn't allow him to size him up and brought the fight to Anderson and pushed him and it was clear from the opening bell that Silva was not comfortable at all. Chael's also got a great chin which helps him employ that strategy.

I'm not about to put a bunch of money down on Chael or anything, but I also don't buy the notion that he got lucky in their first fight or that Anderson was hurting to the point that it made him that ineffective. If anything I'd suggest Anderson got lucky that Chael got so sloppy late in the 5th.

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