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06-26-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue1223 View Post
I'd put Schwartz ahead of D'Agostini, especially since he will burn another year off of his ELC in Peoria anyway.
So D'ags in the pressbox is better than Schwartz in Peoria? How do you figure?

A few thoughts/questions trot directed towards anyone in particular:

1. Why are folks instantly putting Schwartz ahead of D'ags? D'ags has a 20 goal season under his belt while Schwartz has 2 goals total. Jaden obviously projects as the better player longterm but is he the better player now? I don't necessarily think so.

2. So what if he starts off in Peoria? It's not like he'd be there the whole season. The only way he'd stay there the whole season is if all of the top-9 stay healthy for all 82 games. Not gonna happen. Schwartz will get his opportunities and assuming he capitalizes on them, he'll eventually earn a permanent spot, possibly at the expense of someone else.

It's still mid-summer though and a ton of things can change between now and camp. As things project right now, I see Schwartz starting in Peoria but that can change in an instant given how fluid rosters are this time of year.

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