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06-26-2012, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Shutdown View Post
Not everyone will agree with you there. I think his upside's a little lower than Plekanec's.
I don't know. He comes with significantly more offensive potential than Plekanec did, imo. Leblanc scored pretty much as many goals in any of his single full seasons of minor hockey as Pleks had in his entire time in the Czech developmental system. Leblanc has always been a pretty reliable goal scorer, and he has the awareness and engine of Plekanec. I'd be tempted to guess that Leblanc won't top out quite on Pleks' level defensively, but I won't be surprised if Leblanc gets close to (or even passes) Pleks as an NHL goal scorer.


Which aspect is more coveted will change with the flow of the league. After L.A.'s little run against a full group of talented top seeds, teams might covet similarly defensive monsters like Richards/Brown, or they may covet goal scorers more since goals might get harder to come by. Never know. Guys with that effective blend of the two, though, will no doubt remain valuable regardless. That's why I'm voting Leblanc over Tinordi. Argument could be made for Collberg, but he hasn't proven ability to withstand the rigors of a physical pro game yet; Leblanc has, imo.

I think Tinordi is only going to be a top 4 defenseman if an excuse is found to put him next to a very talented, more offensive defenseman. Otherwise, I could see him looking like he deserves to be no more than a 3rd pairing guy beside anyone "average" - no matter how many minutes he has proven he can crunch at the junior level.

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