Thread: Confirmed with Link: JVR traded to Toronto for Luke Schenn
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06-26-2012, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
I'm far from a believer in JVR and admittedly not much of a fan, but those who refuse to acknowledge the cumulative effect last season's myriad injuries likely had on him are just blind haters with an agenda. It's obvious a lot of people within the organization soured on JVR, and I'm sure there were those who felt the injuries weren't enough of an excuse for his play (the post-season surgery-or-no-surgery oddness likely didn't help matters). I think it's a load of crap. I wanted to see what a hopefully healthy JVR could do on Giroux's wing and was more than willing to give him another year to put it all together. Selling low always irks me, and this instance wreaked of panic and impatience.

It's funny. When JVR inexplicably and idiotically took that selfish penalty in the third period of Game 6 -- which led to Kovalchuk's back-breaking goal -- by dragging down Elias in a meek attempt to feign he was being interfered with, I told my friend, "**** JVR, I'm done with him. What the hell was that?" Turns out that's the last I'll be seeing him in a Flyers jersey. I'm still skeptical JVR has the personality/makeup to fully harness his talents, but 23 is too early to give up on a player with his potential. The real problem here is the Flyers stupidly decided to give JVR a contract extension based on an 11-game playoff run, as that looming cap hit put the team in a tough spot and certainly was a major contributing factor to the trade.

I'm rationalizing the trade be talking myself into believing having his brother on the team will accelerate Brayden Schenn's development -- and, hey, maybe it'll be just what Luke needs to turn his career around.
We only made it to game five .

Yeah, I guess if JVR struggles in Toronto and Schenn really takes off here and makes strides, we could end up winning this trade (to state the eobvious), but I don't see that happening.

I've had those two injuries in concert before (torn cartilage/labrum in the hip and an abdominal strain). Getting out of bed was uncomfortable. Athletic performance of any sort was almost unthinkable. You're constantly favoring one side since it hurts to use your full range of motion and strength in one leg, which in turn makes you recruit your core in a lot of extremely strenuous and unusual ways. It's tough. I don't know how injured he was, but those two in concert can be a real show stopper in my admittedly limited experience.

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