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06-27-2012, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Look up QMJHL scoring leaders from the last 20 years, then expand it to top-10 within a given year. Feel free to do it for the WHL and OHL too.

I remember when junior stats were only available through a print copy of THN, and then through people on the Prodigy bulletin boards. It was interesting to get the draft preview issue, then go back through the entire season and see how many guys with huge numbers of points weren't projected to be drafted, and how many who finished lower were projected as high picks.

No he's not. Legitimate trolling is absolutely a thing of beauty; it's basically a logically-based form of devil's advocate. It's likely to inflame, very likely to infuriate, and yet totally steeped in logic and common sense.

Lambert isn't worthy to lick the dust off the feet of a legitimate troll. He's what so many people confuse trolling with...being a loudmouthed, overly opinionated douchenozzle without being able to back up or defend anything he says. Or, for that matter, have any interest in defending what he says. These clowns fall into two careers:
1) Hit-and-run posters, who know no actual career, or
2) The idiots who devise political hit pieces
Thats your personal definition of trolling, which actually seems to be describing satire.

In every sense he's a professional troll, posting inflammatory, superfluous material with the intent to draw an emotional response(the comment section) while getting paid to do so

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