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11-29-2003, 11:45 AM
Patty Roy
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I've been noticing a serious lack of respect amongs some posters on this board lately. We've had a number of new posters join since the start of the season and the problem just seems to be getting worse and worse.

Nobody is saying that you can't criticize the Habs organization (or fellow posters too) if you think the situation warrants criticism, but lets show each other some more respect. We're all Habs fans here and i think its in all of our best interests to help this place grow and become a great board to discuss Habs related hockey. I've seen too many strong posters leave these boards in the past due to the overall lack of maturity from some of our posters. I'd hate to lose more...

I know for a fact that this boards moderators (and i'm one of them) have been very busy lately, but the current situation on this board has been brought to the attention of other HF mods. Keep in mind that a little extra attention is probably going to be paid to the Habs board from now on, so you can be rest assured that the snide/rude comments that have slipped by in the past will be caught and dealt with promptly.

And again i welcome any suggestions via PM. If you've got any ideas to make this place a little better, or have problems with certain posters and what they are posting, then feel free to PM either myself, or Saku K. or J-D.

Anyway thanks for reading and lets all start showing each other a bit more respect.

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