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06-27-2012, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by BeaverSports View Post
Yes, it happens, but if they were hesitant to send the qualifying offer, maybe that should be enough pause to consider not sending it.
They did consider not sending it. They sent it anyway.

This decision is basically the hockey equivalent of deciding to order a coke at Whataburger instead of a water.

Originally Posted by BeaverSports View Post
As for the plane, amenities might not be the right word... but I'm going under the impression the hockey department has X dollars allocated by Gaglardi to spend how Nieuwendyk sees fit to win hockey games. Dallas is the most travelled team in the NHL, by far, and I think if they weren't, they make the playoffs the past two years. If there's a way to reduce time in the air, to make charter flights more comfortable or at better time, whatever, it's worth the investment more than it may be to spend on payroll. Also, teams that spend money on more scouts, more capologists, etc. to help gain advantages in other ways can get more bang for their budget.
I'm sure they're flying as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

We're seriously looking in every nook and cranny to find stuff to ***** about if a player whose salary is less than 2% of the team's payroll stirs this kind of fervor.

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