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06-27-2012, 02:18 AM
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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
I have nothing against the WMB. Yes it has major issues with maintenance and a need for some sort of moderation which are two reasons why I really like HF. However there are some good posters over there and some who post at both places (jagged is one example off the top of my head) and with an internet community that's tiny compared to other NHL teams there's no reason to complain about other small factions.

While I'm very happy that HF Wild has pretty much been built from nothing (and I love taking on challenges and things like that) to become the largest Wild community online, the State of Hockey is big enough for two boards. If more people post on WMB power to them - I just wish every NHL talk thread wasn't three posts of actual hockey talk and three pages of complaining about the maintenance or a poster who should be banned.
100% agree. I've invited some here, but if they prefer to stay over there, I greatly respect their decision. Personally, I can't see ever returning over there. Zero desire to step back into that mess. Miss the people, but don't miss the board, its crappy software, lack of maintenance, and its constant drama. The hockey talk forum was killed due to drama.

Thankfully many of the regulars over there are trickling over to this board.

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