Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jets select Lukas Sutter (39th overall)
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06-27-2012, 03:34 AM
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Originally Posted by surixon View Post
IMO the organization the last two drafts outside of the first round have gone for players who embody the work ethic and characteristics of the organization, while they may not have as much upside most are decent bets to carve out roles in the NHL. Since the Jets currently have a shallow pool adding players like this will help stabilize the farm team and the Jets bottom six, so that the Jets don't haven't go out and overpay for their role players (The Redwings are exceptionally good at churning out role players through their system which allows them to allocate more cap space to their core of stars.)

Just as important since these players (add in Mark and Trouba) embody what this organization is about they set the tone for future draft picks. It is not surprising in the least that the Jets went more for character, leadership and work ethic than skill in the beginning. (Both Scheifele and Trouba have a lot of talent as well). The Jets intend to instill their culture from the very beginning. What better way to instill buy in from new prospects when the culture is reinforced by both the organization and their peers. Once the Jets have built up a strong nucleus of their type of people through the organization you can bet the organization will start to take more risks at the draft and through player acquisition. We have a number of high picks next year, I would expect that the organization starts to get a little more aggressive with its later round picks.
I hope so. Even with 1st round picks eventually you have to pick some skill. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the Scheifele and Trouba picks right now, but as Calgary has proven drafting grit and character over the long term (as in ONLY drafting grit and character) is a bad strategy (see CGY between 1998-2008). Thing is though that Scheifele and Trouba are just prospects, in order to get the "right character/attitude" it has to start from the top down, ie the NHL team. You have to start there if you are implementing this philosophy, prospects develop on their own and they will learn from the veterans. Starting by drafting prospects with that mentality is not always going to work, if the NHL team does not have that mentality. Do the Jets? I am not sure, I don't think so right now.

IMO, there are NO "sure bets" to have an NHL future. I have seen waaaay too many Lauri Tukonen/Nathan Smith/Colton Gillies(who will be out of NHL in 1/2 years, IMO) types to ever believe that a player is a sure bet to have an NHL career. Even defensive safe type players need to develop, you look for the overall package, IMO. I think the Jets have done a decent job of that though, I like the longterm goalie projects (ala Jon Quick) they have taken on, but the limited scope of their picks is a might concerning.

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