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11-29-2003, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
Maybe they do have value. Its hard relate to that considering all the complaining we hear about how bad the Leafs defense is and how much help they need. Yet Pilar, Kondra, & Cola can't crack the lineup, much less contribute. Maybe they are just slow to develope. But that is the atmpshpere in which you deliver your offer. The Leafs have a weak defense and you offer from 3 young players that have tried and can't crack a weak lineup.
First off; the offer was generated by a Capitals fan. No Leaf fan proposed this trade, or for that matter, no Leaf fan suggested that the likes of Pilar, Kondratiev, etc were fair value for the likes of Gonchar.

Your comment about Pilar, Kondratiev, Cola not cracking the lineup is addressed as follows;

1.) Pilar IS in our line-up, now. He WAS a regular contributor two seasons ago, but then was hit by a serious viral bug that forced him off the ice for more than a year. He just recently recovered from the bug, after the 2003-2004 season started. He was sent to the AHL for a short conditioning stint (7 games) and was immediately called up, and is playing.

Kondratiev MADE the team this year. Cola MADE the team last year. They have both "cracked the lineup". Now there are two valid reasons as to why they are not patrolling the blueline for the Maple Leafs right now;

1.) They are still very young. Cola and Kondratiev are only 20. This is Kondratiev's first taste of North American hockey. There is a train of thought that it is best for prospects to be brought along slowly be spending some time in the AHL (esp. defenseman). Yes, there are exceptions (look at the likes of Eminger and Pitkanen - who are superior prospects to Cola and Kondratiev), but by in large, the majority of NHL players do spend some time in the AHL (this is Cola and Max's first season).

3.) Pat Quinn. Quinn is a moron. The players currently playing on the blueline for the Maple Leafs are not necessarily better than Kondratiev and Cola. We do have the likes of Wade Belak and Ric Jackman after all. Quinn is horrible (IMO) with young players and has this stupid sense of loyalty to certain players. This is the reason the Leafs have had to suffer through the likes of Belak, Lumme, etc. This is the same reason that players like Ponikarovsky and Stajan, have to work very hard to get a ice-time, even though they are more deserving. This is the same reason, that Alyn McCauley was happy to get out of TO; and then was vocal about Quinn's coaching when he got to San Jose.

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