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Originally Posted by goalie29 View Post
A friend's boss has come out to a work group pick up a couple of times. He played in the NHL many years ago for a now defunct team . He doesn't even try all that hard, but no one can stop him because his hands are ridiculously good. He scored on me a couple of times, and I swear I never even saw the puck leave his stick because his release was so quick. His hands are so much quicker than any of the beer league superstars I'm used to, that it's ridiculous.

There are a couple of other younger guys I've played pick up against a few times - one was in the AHL for quite a while, and one in the OHL. They're huge and fast, like can get across the width of the ice in 3 strides, I swear. The pick up group is mixed ability, though, so they mostly just set stuff up and rarely shoot. Even then, it was mostly little slow-mo dekes (hate those!), or they'd hit me right in the midsection on purpose for an easy gut-trap.

It's been my experience that the higher the level and longer a time a person has played, the more they go with the flow and aren't jerks.
It's pretty extremely actually. The best players I played against either play down to the level, try to set guys up and are really chill.... Or just bitter as hell they didn't make the big club or something so they play like complete *******s.

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