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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post are right. Guys like Mogilny, Roberts, and Nolan weren't scrubs and were good players...The operative word being 'were'.
Roberts was like a decade past his prime.
Same with Nolan.
Tucker, although being a good player, average about 35 pts throughout his career except for two blips where he hit around 60. Offensive juggernaut?
Mogilny was the only one on your list that wasn't a scrub. Played very well...but other than one year where he got 79 pts, his other 2 yrs as a Leaf was injury plagued and he was also close to a decade past his prime.
Surprised no one has mentioned this already so I'm going to mention it here now before someone brings this up. The only other great winger I can think of that played with Sundin was Doug Gilmour. But again, Gilmour while playing with Sundin was in his decline. His best years as a Leaf was before Sundin. And he only played 3 years with Sundin. Though they were marred with injuries etc.
So no. I can't think of a single winger who played at an elite level, in his prime, to have played with Sundin the whole of Sundin's career as a Leaf.
So yes, those names may not be scrubs but from an offensive impact point of view, other than a busted up old Gilmour and Mogilny, everyone else, although may not be scrubs, had an offensive impact pretty much like a scrub.
Here are Sundin's scrub teammates compared to say, Alfredsson's juggernaut teammates (60+ points):

Sakic 109
Heatley 105
Sakic 105
Heatley 103
Sakic 94
Yashin 94
Sakic 92
Spezza 92
Spezza 90
Yashin 88
Spezza 87
Spezza 84

D.Sedin 82
H.Sedin 82
Duchesne 82

Heatley 82
Hossa 82

Hossa 80
Mogilny 79
Ricci 78

Karlsson 78
Nolan 77
Yashin 75
Hossa 75

Nolan 73
Thomas 73

Spezza 73
Heatley 72
McEachern 72

Gilmour 72
Yashin 72
Bonk 70

Kovalenko 68
Havlat 68
McCabe 68
Kaberle 67

Hossa 66
Kamensky 65
Andreychuk 38 (65)
Thomas 63
Ridley 37 (63)
Murphy 61
Tucker 61

Michalek 60
Gilmour 60
Bonk 60
Allison 60
White 60
S.Young 60

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