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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
A lot of my friends actually want Anderson to lose for that exact reason. They're huge GSP homers and can't stand the fact that everyone says Anderson is the best. Sadly, my friends aren't alone either. A lot of Canadians cheer against Anderson for that same reason.
I find this amusing. And don't get me wrong, a ton of people here in America agree with you. IMO Canadians should want Anderson to lose so that more people consider GSP to be the best around. GSP is a national hero. Anderson Silva is a guy who doesn't speak their language from a country they've likely never been to. They should like GSP more than Anderson. I'll never understand that in this country. Other countries almost universally root for their own, whereas we often times don't. It's unfortunate.

Originally Posted by TerminatorBlue View Post
I'm not a GSP fanboy or anything but if GSP keeps winning shouldn't he be put up there as well? I don't want to take anything away from Silva either, him and GSP should be tied with Jon Jones being a close second for p4p.
I think it's fair for GSP and Silva to be tied, but I think most would give Silva the edge because as dominant as GSP is, Silva has a tendency to beat people in ways one would never even imagine. Not to mention GSP has a bad (yes avenged) loss in the UFC, whereas Anderson doesn't.

BTW I'm sure there are Silva fans who are hoping GSP loses to cement Silva as the greatest p4p too. As for the greatest of all time I think Jon Jones will be by the time he retires, he looks so unstoppable right now....especially if he beats Hendo.
I know I'm probably in the minority, but Jones is the best P4P fighter right now IMO. If he beats Hendo it just furthers the gap. Jones has absolutely run through a who's who of fighters in what in my opinion is the most talented division in the sport. Jones' resume is already better than GSP's or Anderson's. I understand many want to include longevity in GOAT discussions, and I respect that, but P4P is here and now, and no one has even come close to what Jones has done over the last 2.5 years.

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