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Err...I thought I was clear on this but looks like I wasn't. Probably the reason I am not a lawyer or scientist.
I thought I said when he was a Leaf, to illustrate how pathetically the organization surrounded him with well...not much.
So that leaves out the first 4 years in the NHL as a Nord.
Which leaves I think 13/25?
And leaves out the last year he played in the NHL with the half year he played as a Canuck.
Which leaves 11/25?
And I'm fairly sure I said those he played with as his wingers...though considering how errr..inept they were as defensive D's, they probably may have done rather well as forwards...anyhow that leaves a further 9/25?
So that leaves
Mogilny 79
Thomas 73
Gilmour 72
Thomas 63
Tucker 61
Murphy 61
Gilmour 60
Allison 60
(sorry, didn't really include Andreychuk)
So I stand corrected, I totally forgot about Thomas and Allison, thank you for that.
Though I did ask for elite wingers that were in their primes that played with Sundin (for the record that leaves the offensive juggernaut that is the shoe in future HHOF, ultra mega elite, 35pt average, ahhh...err...).

For the record, if he stayed a Nord he probably would have had a glorious career. Unfortunately he played most of his career as a Leaf and was supported by either old, past their prime, often injured, past elite players (Mogilny, Thomas etc.) or some great offensive D's (Kaberle and McCabe). Oh, and also some great goaltenders (though some would also say past their prime, old etc.). These veteran forwards are usually brought in to help the up and coming young players, bring experience and provide secondary or tertiary offence...not to 'be' the offence...except for Toronto...which is some of the reasons why Toronto hasn't won a cup in a fairly long time.

Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
Here are Sundin's scrub teammates compared to say, Alfredsson's juggernaut teammates (60+ points):

Sakic 109
Heatley 105
Sakic 105
Heatley 103
Sakic 94
Yashin 94
Sakic 92
Spezza 92
Spezza 90
Yashin 88
Spezza 87
Spezza 84

D.Sedin 82
H.Sedin 82
Duchesne 82

Heatley 82
Hossa 82

Hossa 80
Mogilny 79
Ricci 78

Karlsson 78
Nolan 77
Yashin 75
Hossa 75

Nolan 73
Thomas 73

Spezza 73
Heatley 72
McEachern 72

Gilmour 72
Yashin 72
Bonk 70

Kovalenko 68
Havlat 68
McCabe 68
Kaberle 67

Hossa 66
Kamensky 65
Andreychuk 38 (65)
Thomas 63
Ridley 37 (63)
Murphy 61
Tucker 61

Michalek 60
Gilmour 60
Bonk 60
Allison 60
White 60
S.Young 60

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