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06-27-2012, 07:12 AM
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Puck Playing Goalies

I have a few questions out there for goalies and skaters a like. When played goalie two years ago or so back in midget, I noticed that it seemed that whenever I played the puck the other goalie did too. I'm pretty decent with the puck, knows where and when to move it and can move it. The other goalies though had almost non-existent puck playing ability. Back then I was known for being able to rush to the blue line or top of the circles to get the puck and shoot it back down the ice, stopping a potential breakaway. These two goalies in particular though never did that, but it seemed when playing against me they tried to "out puck play" me I guess. I guess the question would be does anyone else see this? A good puck playing goalie starts playing the puck a lot and the other goalie who isn't as good tries to as well but ends up costing their team?

Secondly, when I play rec hockey I still play the puck, but not so much rushing out to the blue line now because the collisions can really hurt the other player. Anyways I notice that when I go out to play the puck, everyone seems to just stand around not knowing what to do. It almost seems as if they've never seen a goalie play the puck before I guess this mostly for the rec hockey players out there, what goes through your mind when you see a goalie play the puck and how do you react?

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