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06-27-2012, 07:16 AM
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Ok, not sure how many of you are still looking at Mock Draft forum, but here goes my WPG picks...

Player Name - Where I drafted them - Where they got drafted - Random Chatter
1. C Radek Faksa - 9 (WPG) - 13 (DAL) - Well WPG went with Trouba, my #2 for that pick, so it's all good I guess, but I love Faksa's upside none the less. I really hate that a team I hate in Dallas got him

2. C Henrik Samuelsson - 39 (WPG) - 27 (PHX) - Well PHO took him off the board before WPG had a chance, I am not surprised. He has all the makings of a solid power forward, I could not believe in our mock he was available at 39. Great pick by another team I hate in PHX (hated teams 2/2 taking my players)

3. D Trevor Carrick - 69 (WPG) - 115 (CAR) - He fell after our mock due to his lack of offensive production, IMO, but he still has a solid chance to be a solid twoway defenseman, and in the middle of the draft is a very solid pick for CAR. Could be a very solid depth guy in 3/4 years.

4. G Patrick Bartosak - 129 (WPG) - Undrafted - I have exactly ZERO idea how this guy went undrafted, he is good size and was the BEST by far rookie WHL goalie this year, in fact he was very good among ALL goalies on a poor Red Deer team. I really think that the injury unfairly scared teams off, and he will be a player.

5. D Alex Gudbranson - 159 (WPG) - Undrafted - This one I am a little more understanding of, he has very limited upside. He projects as a 6th/7th defensive defenseman, he hits hard, works hard, but has very little else going for him.

6. LW Artemi Panarin - 189 (WPG) - Undrafted - Russian factor, understandable he didn't go in the draft, but if this guy ever wants to try NA I guarantee he will have 20-30 teams lining up at his doorstep trying to sign him, has loads of talent, IMO.

Now for the real draft...
Player - Where Velociraptor Mock Drafted Them - Where they got drafted - Random Chatter

1. D Jacob Trouba - 7 (TBL) - 9 (WPG) - Honestly I had Trouba as the 2nd best D man in the draft, smart defenseman with offensive upside and a nasty mean streak...Yeah he was a favourite of mine...he was my #2 selection behind Faksa for the #9 (excluding obvious ones that wouldn't fall like Yakupov, Murray). Quite happy with this pick for WPG.

2. C Lukas Sutter - 46 (TOR) - 39 (WPG) - Passed up on him for Samuelsson (who went 27 in real draft) and had a few others between those two, but this is still a solid pick. Gritty twoway center proved some offensive upside with a solid season, could be a solid 2nd liner, more likely a very good 3rd/4th line C.

3. RW Scott Kosmachuk - 40 (SJS) - 70 (WPG) - A very solid pick at this spot, he does not have great size, but he is a gritty character type driven player that works his ass off day in, day out that is solid value in the 3rd round. Has upside as a smallish power forward.

4. G Connor Hellebuyck - Undrafted - 130 (WPG) - The big 6'4'' goalie out of "Friday Night Lights" Odessa Texas has loads of untapped potential, but is a long way away from the pro game and went undrafted in the mock. A project no doubt.

5. C Ryan Olsen - 188 (PHO) - 160 (WPG) - A player I confess, I know little about. I have heard he is a two way centerman that works hard, but that is all I know.

6. G Jamie Phillips - Undrafted - 190 (WPG) - I know basically nothing about his guy except he will head to college for 4 years, hopefully he can develop there, NCAA has proven a fertile ground for goalies of late.

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