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Ralph Krueger is the new head coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

Originally Posted by Blunderbore View Post
oh my god what.

you don't follow the WC's closely do you? in late Krueger years his team was gunning as much as it could while lacking any Niederreiter-rated offensive talent. Pluss' line was pure joy to watch, and all this while being really tight on defense but not just letting the Hiller/Stefan/Gerber save their ***** but actually trying to play defense. if he had two decent scoring lines at his hands simultaneously, not one, the team could be doing real things. then Simpson comes and has a younger and more gifted core and boom - they are now trying to trap and aren't making the playoffs. still that plug Sutter had some hardest time beating them and had to have his a** saved by Eberle. i don't want it on the Oilers, we already had it with Renney.
Krueger is one of the more successful and intriguing European coaches of the last decade or two, has a nice portfolio and is already familiar with the squad. i'd better give him a try than pursue some half-proven mediocrity in Sutter.
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I didn't do that one I just wanted permission to add to it haha.
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Go for it. I think the roman numeral guy did the title/date changes. Roman numeral guy rules.
Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
What do the WC's, international hockey, and big ice have to do with the nhl?

Oh, that's right, nothing!

Krueger or any other coach that would be hired by the Oilers is set up to fail right off the bat.

Without major roster changes (there wont be) this is a lottery team.
Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
Absolutely. There's a degree of familiarity in Kruger because he's been here for a while, and I think that kind of undermines what a fresh choice he is (and was, when he first came over).

A good choice? Only time will tell. But it's definitely an original choice, and clearly merit-based.

Compared to Sutter, who has done eff all at the NHL level but bail on 2 NHL teams after leading them to profound mediocrity and underachievement? This choice is a breath of fresh air.
Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Merit based?
Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
I disagree. This team will only go as far as the kids are able to carry it, when they're ready to carry it.

Major roster changes won't change that, unless it's blowing out the young core in exchange for older, ready-now top line players (with worse contracts, less potential).

Another top-4 defenseman and some goaltending insurance (either a reliable vet or other promising neophyte in case Dubnyk falters under a full load) would certainly help.

But there's no magic GM fix for this team. It's all about Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle, Petry, Dubnyk and now Yakupov (And to a lesser extent, Paajarvi, Gagner, and Smid).

This team goes as far as they can carry. And nothing is going to change that. All the team can do is protect and maybe slightly expedite the process (which, to some degree, they have).

But the kids will have to keep performing at a high (or higher) level while facing increasingly tougher competition. Once they can do it regularly, we'll be in the playoffs.

And not before. Unless we want to give up on the youth movement.|EDM|home

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