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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
If you see the Belarus seems faitly constant over the years
I dont see them in danger of falling in skill level...its just that the other nations are getting better so they will have to fight to stay up...but so we all have to do the next years!

What i mean is the Latvia have had a high level for many just a small country so the really good players comes unevenly. You have be wait for Irbe, Balderis and Ozolins class to resurface...maybe you have the next bunch coming. But Latvia is solid elite division with an occasional QF..and that will probably continue.

With Norway it's first after Sochi they will start having problems.....their best players are peaking right now. But even without NHL players they have so many good players in SEL and allsvenskan it's only QF chance they will lose. They will retain a skill level to stay up in elite.
Norwegian players in Europe.....check number in SEL!
Well maybe im getting spoiled but in next years say 2014,2015,2016 i expect minimum of 3 players in the draft in one year and maxiumum of 5 players.
But yeah right now of all strong teams Slovakia looks the worst.

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