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Originally Posted by Vexxed14 View Post
The Flames right now are doing what the Leafs did under JFJ. I like the flames but if Iginla goes for nothing (by trade or retirement), I think your team will be in the same exact boat we have been in since the lockout.

I'm not trying to troll the situation, I truly see it as being the exact same set of circumstances
Nah. Good try though.

The Flames have quality players coming up through their system. They have a great, young, impact player in Bartschi (something the Leafs didn't have) They have great goaltending depth, two of them which could be NHL starters two years from now (something the Leafs also didn't have.)

The Flames biggest organizational problem right now is a lack of D prospects, somewhat addressed in this past draft, not having that gamebreaking forward that Iggy was when he was younger/in his prime. It's unknown right now if Bartschi will be that forward, I'd say in a worst case scenario right now he will be a capable 2nd line forward.

The Flames also haven't been throwing their 1st round picks away (don't get me starter on the 2nds though!)

That said, Iginla and Kipper have value around the league and could be moved, but they should only be moved for a surefire prospect, not one that could pan out. Otherwise, at this point in their careers the Flames are likely better off just keeping them.

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