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06-27-2012, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by artilector View Post

Here's what I find more interesting -- I hear more and more people complain about Barca/Spain's "boring" soccer, even calling it "anti-futbol".

These are teams displaying some of the most exquisite ball-control, passing, attacking movements in the history of the damn game, and it's called "boring"? How is it their fault that 99% of the time they make top teams look like soccer midgets? They are like a boxer that peppers his opponents with punches like Pacman, evades like Mayweather, and then knocks most of them out like, I dunno, Sugar Ray. And people are starting to call it boring because the other guys can't land a punch even though they are the ones being chased around the rink!
Well it is so time to differentiate between Spain and Barcelona here. Barca not just play posession fottball but attack attack attack and try to find ways to score a goal.
That football is very attractive

To be honest the spanisch especially in the 1/4 final just played a possession football and only did what they needed to create 2-3 chances. Than the even play without a forward and just pack the midfield. I am sorry but that even so technically nice is not attractive.
Reminds me a bit of some of the dull possession football Bayern played when Van Gaal was in charge. Against France and Croatia I did not see much flair or ideas. All great passers but no dribblings limited vertical balls...

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