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Originally Posted by goalie29 View Post
My take on it is that either
(1) they aren't sure if you're going to do anything good with it (like the posters above said, lots of goalies aren't that handy, because it's hard. I'm lucky in that I'm a regular hand goalie who shoots left when I play out, so it's a bit easier for me than for some.),

or (2) they don't want to run you over, because it's rec, so they stand back and let you.

I for one appreciate #2. In response I will come out to play the puck, but only if it isn't going to obviously set up a potential collision.
1. because my puck handling skills are either good or awful (I swear there no in between), this is usually the case for my two teams. I'll usually prefer to stop the puck and set up my dman to easily take it off of me and break out. But sometimes, they just freeze to see what I'll do.

2. I do appreciate number 2, but since I played D for years before jumping into tending, I'm not afraid of a little body checking.

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