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06-27-2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
Just my personal opinion, that's all. It's June 27th. Free agency has yet to start, RFAs have been QO'd only, still need to be locked up. Arbitration hearings have yet to take place, which could generate other player movement.

I'm simply saying there's a lot to happen yet before the roster is even close to where one could make a reasonable judgement where a specific player would fit. Just my feeling on that.
Originally Posted by Salzig View Post
Well, I think this discussion shows what we can Gerbe use for.... I think he's a good depth player. His work ethic is great, you can put him on a scorer or checking line, he's not a one-dimensional player and his trade value isn't very high, so we should keep him and put him on a line after training camp. He's a guy you can always use on your team, I'm sure they'll find a nice spot for him in our roster.

Moreover, in my opinion it's pretty pointless to talk about line combinations before July 1st, we don't know what will happen on this date.

I'm not asking for a specific line he belongs on. I'm asking where he fits in on the team.

- Is he a top 9 guy in a 3 line set up?
- Is he best suited to a checking role?
- should he be a 4th line energy player?
- should he be moved?

Using the line combos is a jumping off point for the disucussion.

How else can you discuss where a player belongs if you don't use the current depth chart and speculate on needs for the team? And how in the world is it too soon to discuss where he fits in? The point being is it could impact what happens on July 1st. Its no different than discussing where any other player fits in next year.

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