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06-27-2012, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Seems like the kind of guy who has enough skill to play in the league, but it's taking him longer than anticipated to really find his stride. You watch him, and in a vacuum you say to yourself "man, this kid is ready", but then you see him play in the Binghamton system, and it's clear he's not making the best decisions on the ice.

I think this kid is a LOT closer to Matt Gilroy than a lot of fans want to admit: has the tools, but the toolbox is lacking, somewhat. He seems like a guy who is VERY hesitant to showcase his full skills. Maybe that had something to do with the system that Kleinendorst ran in Bingo? Maybe it didn't mesh with him?

I think the one thing that is a positive is that he definitely looked comfortable as an OTTAWA Senator, in his few games with us. More so than he ever did in the ~30 dozen Bingo games I've seen him play in. So it could indeed be a case of a guy who, to a degree, "plays to his competition": plays better against elite guys than he does against AHL-lifers and other NHL-bound rookies.

In any case, if Richardson can get some confidence in Weir, I think that would do wonders for the kid. That was his biggest weakness, IMO: a hesitancy to really play to his strengths.

Maybe some of the Bingo posters (Ski, Maindot, etc...) here can care to comment on my evaluation? Like I said, I'm basing my eval on the roughly 2 dozen or so games I've seen him in. Maybe someone who saw him for the full season can provide a more balanced appraisal.
I think you are pretty much dead on. I've been tough on Wiercioch and frankly he is terrible annoying to watch play in Binghamton. You said it perfect, he's hesitant. He holds the puck WAY too long in some cases and lets the open lane disappear before making a bad pass/decision and creating a turnover. It's so frustrating to watch. He also doesn't seem to trust his shot and looks to pass first. Granted this could have been KK's system and he was "doing what he was told." But for the love of God the guy does have the skills and could be a very good offensive d-man.

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