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Originally Posted by NYR Boyler87 View Post
Bern, have you seen Pearson play?
Personally, no. Highlight clips, no. Did I supplement general sources with what analysis was made for mock drafts both at this site and the site, yes.

Long story short - 1
Doesn't matter this kid will be ahead of the curve, generally speaking to others his age as he wasn't drafted earlier, and reciprocally is projected likewise to be behind them at the end of his career.

Bottom line is the kid can shoot, and score. Yes, he may not be getting stiffest competition in that regard, but he is scoring ballpark Yakupov rate of numbers. Even allowing, hypothetically to say such adjustment is necessary, a discount from Pearson's rate, it will still be an impressive number, by any measurement.

Plus he's 6'0, which is not 6'2 or better, but which is not smurf either.

This guy is a ? with talent, IMO. Could be another scoring machine, could be Pavel Brendl. But IMO, he's worth a risk at the right price. Better guys to target might be Coldshot's -- er, make that, CM Lundqvist's favorite, Kerdiles (sp.), but they would command higher price from team that has greater need to keep, develop + use the asset, who in any case would not be here next season for sure.

This is amplified by the fact that he could make the Rangers this year, and we would ideally like to benefit from both someone here right away, and as well as in the long term plan. I agree it's best case scenario, but Pearson could be 3rd/4th line next year.

You have to assume a team is not anxious to part with a 1st round pick right away. But LAK are happy, have no immediate need for this investment, and could theoretically part with him for enough profit.

Long story short - 2

Unfortunately, people who have a mancrush on Girardi and go nuts because of all the trades in which I have made him the centerpiece have to press for a herd mentality to defeat this premise from being discussed in civil fashion with an open mind.

All I was looking for was something along the lines of:
Pearson is terrible/good/great/overrated/underrated, IMO, and based on that, taking into account both our need for a prospect scorer who could be here early yet at the same time is a risk, my counter offer would be:

___________ for Pearson, as I feel the the Kings poster initial demand was too much.

Since this was beyond most, I will pursue the matter individually, and post the results.
Let the record, show, however, I was proper in bring the matter to our brethren at the Ranger forum. I did not ostracize anyone, though a few sought to do that to me.

Long story short - 3
I would like to thank those who were civil and polite and supported freedom of speech, whether or not they agreed with with suggestions.

Those of you who were otherwise, you have your comments to hang your hat on.

The handful of you who were ridiculously mean spirited, to the point of being an infraction of within HFB rules, I will not on this occasion as the mods to take action. But you know who you are, and if this keeps up, you will reap what you sow.

In conclusion, there is no obsession with Pearson.
A case can be made, simply, he may be an option worth considering IF certain variables fall into place.

I look forward to all who wish to discuss with an open mind all our options to make the best Rangers team possible.

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