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06-27-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by BloFan4Life View Post
I don't know about you guys, but I wasn't impressed with Hodgson's center game at all.
He's 100% a center. Everything about his game screams center.

I think he could be a pretty darn good winger and that's where I think we should look at him as.
This is just something you come up with because you are a bigger fan of Ennis. Nothing about Hodgson's game says winger at all...

There were two many times where he couldn't handle the D man's pass coming out of the zone in the center of the ice.
I have the same recollection. And I chalk it up to playing a new system with new teammates... more then it being a deficiency in his game (the guy was drafted 10th overall, and was playing center the entire year on a stanley cup contender... i dont think handling passes as a center is going to be an issue )

He also isn't the playmaker I thought he was.
I thought he made better passing plays in the Ozone then anyone to wear the jersey since Briere left.

Not to mention he isn't overly fast so it will be tougher for him to get back.
He missed an entire year of development and conditioning.

I see a lot of winger in him, more than I see in Ennis. Ennis looks like a center out there, Hodgson does not.
of course you do.

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