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06-27-2012, 12:26 PM
Sean McG
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Would've seemed absolutely insane six months ago that we'd be asking ourselves if we'd undo a deal because we have too many centers...

and because of that, there isn't a chance in hell I'd do that over. Having too many centers is a problem that teams long to have because center depth is absolutely key in the playoffs. Some of these answers seem to imply that the player we got in the brief 20-game sample size is the sort of player Hodgson is going to be for his career here, but he's freaking twenty-two.. After adjusting to the team, getting settled down, finally going through a training camp, etc, I feel pretty comfortable saying he'll be one of the Sabres top three point getters this season.

Like Jame said, I see Buffalo's future at center as 1 Grigorenko, 2 Hodgson, 3 Girgensons. If one of those guys goes down, they could easily plug in Ennis during their absence. However, if the Sabres were to trade Ennis or Hodgson and one of them were to go down, suddenly it becomes a big hole. Absolutely nothing wrong with having more than enough guys to play center.

... with that being said, I'd still trade Ennis for a premier player, like Bobby Ryan.

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