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06-27-2012, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Oh please. I'm so tired of this sensationalist nonsense. I knew the moment this team had a taste of success there would be fans lining up to hit the "go for it!" button. Lundqvist just turned 30 and is in the prime of his career. Barring injury, he has another 5-6 years of elite ability in his tank. We didn't make a move at the deadline because there was no move to make. Nash was the only high-value option, and the price was astronomical. We didn't have the depth to make a trade of that magnitude, so what are your alleged alternatives? Kostitsyn? Gaustad? More band-aids that wouldn't have put us over the top?

This team has come too far in the last 5 years to throw it all away on some stupid trade. Patience is a virtue, and thank god the front-office seems to be exercising it. The need for instant gratification around here is embarrassing. Trade Stepan!! Del Zotto, Stepan, Dubinsky and Miller for Ryan! For Nash! For Yandle! Stanley Cup contenders don't trade away 3 roster players for a single guy. Especially if they don't have the organizational depth to fill the void left. The Kings got Carter because Johnson was replaceable. Their defensive depth is legitimate. It's banging down the door at the NHL level. Ours is another year away if we're lucky. This is NOT the time to be making panic moves. This is the same kind of garbage I hear from Jackets fans about not wanting to make a "big boy" trade because dealing Stepan for Nash would leave a gaping hole at our center position.

Mueller is an extremely skilled player. He gives us a big shot from the point on the PP, and increases our scoring depth. Is he a risk? Of course he is, but he's a risk with very high upside. Give me a $2m, 1 year, zero risk commitment for a kid with 25 goal / 55 point upside over an asinine 4 for 1 trade any day of the week.
i see what you did. because i don't like your brilliant idea to bring in a player who has ONE full season to his credit, and has been hampered by substantial injuries for the past 3, I suddenly become an advocate for every asinine trade proposed on the board.

you're reasonable, i'm insane. got it.

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