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Originally Posted by CPrice 31 View Post
I'm wondering now why I put the spoil tags if this is the spoiler thread... my head wasn't working last night.

Yeah, Kidd and Sandow are awesome. I'm guessing Rhodes and Ziggler get in next week. I'm really surprised to see Kidd in there, but it's a pleasant surprise.
Yeah... gotta get Rhodes and Ziggler in there. They NEED to be in that match. But Kidd will steal the show. He's going to be excellent. Maybe Santino gets knocked out and we have a surprise entrant of Wade Barret.

Originally Posted by CPrice 31 View Post
Money in the Bank spoilers...

AJ will be special referee for the Punk/Bryan match. This **** just writes itself...

MITB participants...
They can't overbook this match. They just can't. It's too easy to write. The obvious heel turn is perfect and really gives us a new level to the storyline. AJ can stay psycho and heel and go back to working with DB. DB should win the belt here w/ a cheap victory, keeping him heel, and utilizing AJ. SummerSlam is the ultimate payoff for a submission match where Punk goes back over. Then they can go their separate ways.

Or if they really want to go crazy, have Cena try to cash in his MITB match after Punk/DB ends, but have Punk and DB beat up Cena and make him the first loser of the match. That puts Cena back in the main event (as the WWE wants) and gives us our first MITB loser.

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