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06-27-2012, 01:04 PM
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Went for the first time today. Always working when it happens but on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Wouldn`t go every day but it was nice to go for once. Might hit the 3 on 3 tourney Monday if I have nothing going on.

Lots of nervous kids out there trying to impress. First day too.

Nail`s skill set is obvious and elite. They way the puck comes off his stick is incredible.

Can`t wait for Klefbom to come over here. So fast but controlled and smooth too.

Martindale still sucks. Rieder`s hands are like butter.

I liked Perhonen a lot today. Covers so much net, great glove hand. If we didn`t have Chabot I`d be more confident in one of Bunz or Perhonen becoming a future starter. Instead he will probably ruin them. We never develop great young goalies.

I`ll go again when my 3 year old son is older. Just to show him that even though you just signed a multimillion dollar contract you still have to keep on your fundmentals and listen to the coach. Nice that it`s free and everyone`s up close too. Lots of people there with little kids today. I never understand when people take kids under 3 like babies and stuff to the rink. Especially on a day like today when there are a lot of people and action and media scrums and stuff. Also a lot of older people there today too. My favorite were these two crazy old guys beside me and getting every name wrong. At one point one of them points at a guy and asked if a guy that looks nothing like Patrick Laforge was Laforge. The same guy also yelled at Krueger and Tambo to smile for a picture later. Fun stuff.

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