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06-27-2012, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Plekanec outscored Balej in Hamilton every season.
Not in PPG though, as Balej was over a PPG in his 2nd year with the Dogs, Pleks ended up with more points but in 19 more games played.

Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Collberg strictly due to upside. No doubt Leblanc is closer, and no doubt he is at worst a good 3rd liner, but Collberg has all-star upside as a 1st line sniper.
You think Collberg has all star upside? It would be great for us if so but that seems really high expectations for him.

Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
I like. That doesn't even include Kristo though, but I'm little skeptical of Kristos desire to wear the CH at this point.
You are skeptical of Kristo signing with the Habs even though he recently said he wants to sign with them when his season ends with North Dakota next spring?

Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
Collberg could very well end up being better than Leblanc, however, Leblanc is more likely to reach his potential. Leblanc played very well last year in the AHL and was a good third-line forward in the NHL last year as a rookie. It's very likely that he develops into a top 6 player.

Collberg could end up as a top line winger, but he has not proved himself like Leblanc has. You HAVE to go with Leblanc here, then Collberg, then Gallagher.

Our forward prospects look very very very good right now!
I agree, Collberg could very well end up being better then Leblanc but Leblanc is more likely to reach his potential as he has the smarts and work ethic just needs to work on his strength and try to get quicker imo.

But for me I'm not sure i'd say our forward prospects look "very very very" good. It was a major weakness for us going into the draft and getting Gally/Collberg sure helped a lot but not sure it's enough to make our forward prospects now very very very good.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
I don't think Kristo is a safer bet. I think he lacks a lot of things and is farther from the NHL than Gallagher.

I don't understand why Kristo is staying in ND. Brock Nelson has left for Bridgeport in the AHL. His chance of actually winning a NCAA championship have greatly diminished.
I don't think Kristo is a safer bet then Gallagher either, as Gallagher has the heart that Kristo doesn't. But I doubt many that follow North Dakota would agree that their chance of winning a NCAA championship have greatly diminished. If you followed the team last year, they shouldn't have done anything as injuries were so bad they couldn't dress a full line (it's not like they can call a player up) Kristo was every bit as important to the team as Nelson was, so if they can stay healthy and get more consistency in nets then they most certinaly have as good a shot as last year.

But another thing to consider with Kristo going back to ND. Last season they won their 3rd consectative WCHA championship, no school in WCHA history has ever done that before and in addition this up coming season will be the final for the WCHA as the conference is being broken up for the new conferences in 2013-2014. I know that Kristo has said he wants to win a National Championship but I would think that winning a 4th WCHA championship would also be in his mind, as he would go down in North Dakota's history as the only player to ever win 4 WCHA titles in the schools history plus some teammates if they don't turn pro.

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