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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post
It's the most bizarre logic I've ever seen. Because injuries and poor play caused the coaches at time to give him more minutes than he should have been getting he's an awful bottom line forward/13th forward and people are celebrating him leaving.

Staubitz is a fine guy to have, I frankly don't see the need for him at all. We've got some tough guys in the line up, and frankly I'd rather Montreal focused on letting other teams "goon" it up when they want, and let them take the penalties and get the power plays.

If a guy like Staubitz is in the line up, and 2 forwards go down can he provide the team with 13, 14 minutes in a pinch? No.

Now granted Darche isn't going to be anything special there either, but he won't look completely out of place either.

I look at teams like Vancouver, and Detroit...they don't have an enforcer in their line up ever. Sure Vancouver has added some bigger tougher guys, but so have the Habs.

Bourque isn't an enforcer, but with the right coaching and proper mindset he can be a guy who can go in there and let guys know that you won't be taking liberties with Pricey, or PK.

Same with White. And Moen.

I would way rather have a guy like Darche who is a damn good PK'er than a guy like Staubitz who might come in handy a few times a year but frankly will fare just as well as a guy like White or Moen, if the "need" ever comes to fight Lucic.

Again though, if the Habs elect not to bring back Darche I'm fine with it. I'm not gonna sit here and say they MUST sign him, and Bergevin is an idiot if he doesn't.

But to celebrate, or anything like's just pathetic. People like that should seriously start taking sports a little less seriously. It's one thing to hate on a guy like Gomez, because of the way his presence on the team due to salary cap constraints has a negative effect on the team. Even in his case though, he was offered a contract and he signed it. But a guy who will make close to league minimum and who can give the team PK celebrate him being gone? What the hell is the point.

Somewhere along the way in this 24/7 news media circus we live in I think a lot of fans have lost their way.
Thank you for so eloquently writing what (I hope) most of us feel.

Darche was always a class act who did everything asked of him. He was far more productive than White or Staubitz, to the point where he was good enough to be used on the PP, but not good enough to replace the injured players. Tough position. But that's not his fault nor his decision. Blaming him is like blaming the plug for the hole.

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