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Originally Posted by PWJunior View Post
Haha, a compliment from you scotty? I'm touched. We've been butting heads a bit regarding the Draft, but the mere mention of JT unites us.

He put on a Herculean effort this past season and he goes off and decides, 'I'm going to Chicago to sit through 9 hours of labor talk because I want to help out my fellow NHLers and anyone else remotely interested in hockey avoid another lockout.' That's not normal for a 21 year old. It's really not. I have a hard time recalling if he ever uses the word 'me' either. It's always 'the team, the organization, my teammates, etc.'. There's seriously something wrong with this kid. Go out and have some fun for once Johnny like someone normal. You're making a lot of other hockey players (and people in general) look really bad.
PW Junior, we didn't butt heads about the draft, I was right, and you were wrong, plain and simple, just kidding buddy.

One thing we can unite together about is we love the Islanders, and I don't think ANY Islander's fan can dislike JT.

As far as him going out and having fun and acting normal, he can't, he's a machine, a hockey machine. No fun when you are locked in trying to be the best.

I've been an Tavares fan for years, the first time I heard about him I wanted him on the Islanders. I had bought Tavares Pre-rookie cards a year before we drafted him. On draft night 2009, my heart was in my throat until Snow said, "we are proud to select, John Tavares".

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